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Hood Cleaning Pioneers

Who We Are

Kensol Service was founded in 1958 by Ken Stocker in Allentown, PA. Ken was a pioneer in the field of kitchen hood cleaning. He educated insurance companies, governmental agencies, and business owners about the benefits of regularly scheduled commercial kitchen exhaust cleanings.

In 1996, Kensol Service was purchased by our current company owners, Larry Knecht and Bill Ehritz.

In June 2005, Kensol Service merged with Airways Cleaning and Fireproofing to form Kensol Airways. Airways Cleaning and Fireproofing was originally founded in the 1980s in Pittsburgh, PA, and later relocated to Philadelphia.

In addition to kitchen hood cleaning and minor maintenance, Kensol Airways provides cleaning of commercial laundry exhaust and commercial cooking equipment. Kensol Airways serves the Mid-Atlantic region with over 2,500 customers in 7 states.

Get to know the Kensol Airways Team

Emily Ehritz

Managing Partner

Emily has over 20 years of experience in administrative and general office duties. She addresses issues – in Scheduling, IT, and elsewhere – as they come and helps keep the ship afloat with Josh.

Josh Knecht

Managing Partner

He has a bachelor’s Degree from Lycoming College. Josh and Emily focus on overall company success. After school, he gained experience in transportation, operations, sales, human resources, and business management. Josh currently resides in Macungie with his wife, 2 children, and their pets.

Bill Beslanovits

Vice President of Operations

Bill has his Associates Degree in Business Management from Muhlenberg College. Bill manages all staff positions and customer accounts. He is involved in daily decision-making, operations, customer satisfaction, safety, and personnel matters.

Tania Barthol

Scheduling Manager

Tania has worked in office and administrative atmospheres for over 20 years. She oversees the scheduling department, assuring all customers are serviced according to their assigned frequency.

Tammy Faust

Scheduling Coordinator

Tammy joins us once again to lend her incredible expertise in all things Kensol Airways (mainly scheduling).

Diana Palomero

Scheduling Coordinator

Diana has come to us with years of scheduling experience and works seamlessly with Tammy and Tania to round out our scheduling department.

Rich Silva

Daytime Operations Manager

Rich has his bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Mansfield University. He works with Justin to oversee Kensol Airways technicians through continual training, inspections, and daily interaction.

Justin Wedge

Night-Time Operations Manager

Justin is joining our team to be the in-the-field management support for our night-time technicians.

Donna Pfaff


Donna has her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Kutztown University. She handles all accounting-related matters with the company. She has been working with Bill Ehritz for over 30 years.

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