Services 1

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Kensol Airways professionals specialize in complete kitchen exhaust system cleanings and inspections. Cleaning is done from the exhaust fans on the roof, through the ductwork, to the cooking equipment in the kitchen. Our cleaning includes but is not limited to all components of the exhaust hood, baffle filters, fire suppression equipment, duct system, and exhaust fan. Before cleaning, our crews will cover all surfaces of your cooking equipment and any kitchen appliances within the working area. All areas will be left in a clean condition after service.

A Kensol Airways foreman will inspect the subject exhaust system, and note any system deficiencies, and if any are found, our management team will contact the customer. In addition, our service includes fan maintenance, installation of NFPA-approved access doors, and fan hinge kits. Kensol Airways is here to ensure a complete service is conducted and that everyone is working in a safe environment.

Services 2

Commercial Laundry Exhaust

Laundry exhaust system cleaning includes the removing of any lint, dirt or debris from laundry exhaust ducts by opening access points and/or disconnecting ducts. Industrial cleaning kits allow us to clean the exhaust thoroughly and efficiently. A Kensol Airways cleaning includes all exhaust components; including lint traps, exhaust ducts, and fans.

Services 3

Cooking Equipment

Our industrial strength degreasing chemicals will destroy those hard to remove blemishes on your commercial cooking, and kitchen equipment. Kensol Airways technicians will clean the inside and outside of your equipment (stove top, ovens, char-grills, fryers, prep tables, etc.) by physical scraping, chemical cleaning, pressure washing and/or power vacuuming.

Services 4

Dishwasher Exhaust

An additional service for many of our customers – let Kensol Airways keep your dishwashing units working at peak performance.

Services 5

Smog Hog

We are certified to perform maintenance and cleanings of grease containment and odor management systems. A Kensol Airways service provides scheduled inspections, maintenance and cleanings according to the manufacturer and governing localities. Our technicians have experience working with Smog-Hog, Gaylord, and Trion ESP systems. Full service includes part replacement (springs, wires, power packs, cells, filters, detergent, etc.), inspections, troubleshooting, and complete cleanings to keep your ESP running efficiently.

Services 6


Smokeeter® (pronounced “Smoke-Eater”) is the number one name in commercial air cleaners. It is specifically designed to handle tobacco smoke removal applications. They’re typically found in clubs and bars. Kensol Airways is trained and able to clean and inspect filters/cabinets, also replace filters, for all styles of Smokeeters.

Services 7

UV Systems

Our full service and cleaning of UV Light kitchen exhaust systems. Kensol Airways technicians are trained to troubleshoot, clean, and replace the proper equipment to assure your system is working efficiently.